Wentworth Computer Science College


Students at Wentworth Computer Science College study the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum. This means they sit their International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations in Year 11, followed by their Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level and Advanced (A) level  in Years 12 and 13. This gives students university entrance. Universities around the world recognize and accept the Cambridge International qualifications. Many past Wentworth College students have gone on to study at excellent universities, not only in New Zealand but, in Australia, England, the US and Asia.

Worldwide, Cambridge Assessment International Education is the largest provider of international qualifications for secondary school students. The curriculum is international and does not simply demand recalled knowledge but emphasises the acquisition of critical thinking and problem solving skills.  More information on the Cambridge International curriculum can be found here: https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/

Operating alongside the Cambridge International curriculum is the opportunity for students to take industry-based qualifications in various different areas of computer science and information technology.  These range from qualifications in Unity gaming development software , through to Microsoft certificates and many things in between.  

Under the Cambridge International system, students can gain University Entrance in Year 12 with successful completion of their AS Levels as well as completion of the Literacy and Numeracy requirements for New Zealand University Entrance. However, many students will choose to remain at school for Year 13 to study A Levels. This ensures higher “points” accumulation to enter restricted entry courses at university. 

The full syllabus for each of the subjects taught at IGCSE, AS and A Level can be viewed by students or parents on the Cambridge International website.

While our senior subject options do focus on the Sciences and Technology subjects, English and Mathematics are also taught as these are essential for University Entrance. Additionally, we offer Economics at the Senior levels as we recognise that knowledge of Economic theory will help our students as they move into the workforce. Finally, in Year 13 our students are offered the Leadership and Management programme that has been developed by our Principal.  This content includes the basics of management as well as information on being successful at university or in the workforce and is taught weekly by our Principal, Mr Bruce Tong.

Our school recognises the importance of keeping students active.  Years 9 & 10 students come together once a week for a two hour Physical Education session.

Year 9 & 10


Students study the important core subjects but with a STEM focus. Additional periods are allocated to Digital Technologies allowing for hands on learning as well as theoretical. Students also have the opportunity to explore their interests further by selecting from a wide range of Computer Science electives.

Year 11


Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE ) exams. Students typically choose 5 or 6 subjects

Year 12


Cambridge AS Level – Students typically choose 3-5 subjects to gain university entrance.

Year 12 College Student Virtual Reality

Year 13


Cambridge A Level & Industry qualifications/Special Projects.

Leadership & Management programm

WCSC has created an innovative Leadership and Management programme. The aim of the programme focusses on the “soft” skills that are the key drivers for success with students’ tertiary studies and future careers.